Is Drag and Drop Website Building Truly Possible Without Any HTML Knowledge At All?

As a web designer or webmaster, what is the most difficult part of your job? Building the perfect website wherever it is for your clients or yourself. You have to figure out the perfect layout for yourself or your client, to design the web page or pages to be optimized for SEO. Right?

For the internet marketer or marketing newbie, if you do not already know by now having your own web pages designed to capture your leads or make sales from your sales pages, you need a landing page that is SEO friendly and also very eye appealing for your prospective customer.

Most new marketing affiliates never realize that it is very important to have their own landing web pages for whatever they are promoting. As most of the newbie marketers who are just starting out, building websites is not a very easy thing to do. Learning the HTML code, learning how to configure the website layout so it is appealing, plus making sure that it is SEO friendly!

There are several drag and drop website building software products on the net today, but most of them still lack many features to really and really make them drag and drop, easy to build professional looking websites. So what would be the best drag and drop website builder and what features should it have?

It should be able to build a professional looking website in less than 5 minutes. Build a site with absolutely no HTML skills. Drag and Drop your site to look how you want. Pump out huge campaigns in a fraction of the time. Send your website files to your web host right within the software without having to use a different FTP program or other software.

You should also be able to use it to get paid to develop professional looking websites for people or companies and build a website in 5 minutes or less! Add video, images, instant screen shots and content in seconds. It should also have the capability of customizing your site using banners, images and let the system worry about resizing, rendering, and making the website look great!

Upload images and banners so that you can reuse them on many different website's, over and over again all with just a click of a button? Is all this possible? Is all this really possible? If you are using Dreamweaver, NVU or any other building software software ….. you have looked into new technologies offering drag and drop website building?

There are also several companies offering drag and drop website building software that are top notch. But, I have heard a rumor that there is a new one shortly making it's depute. Could it be true? Real drag and drop website building technology that has NO HTML requirements what so ever and SEO built in? Can you imagine the implications this would have with website building for personal and business use?

I do not know about you, but to finally have the capabilities of building a website without any knowledge of HTML using strictly drag and drop website technology has me very excited!

Source by Pearl White