How to Build a Mobile Content Friendly Website or Blog

In order to build a mobile content friendly website or blog, you will need to either make a separate page just for mobile users or make sure your page is mobile friendly. Today, more and more people use cell phones and mobile devices as second computers even though mobile phones aren’t yet considered computers and have limitations. Your potential customers likely do a lot more on their mobile devices than play games. They read books, surf the web, read blogs, and even make purchases. By making sure your Website or blog is mobile friendly, you can create one more way for potential clients to connect with you.

Here are a few tips to build a mobile friendly Website or Internet log (blog):

  • Reconsider Entry (Landing) Pages— Get right to the important content either by adding a list of menu items on the front page that your mobile visitor can click on to see more or by putting the actual content on the first page.
  • Consider the Real Estate— Think in terms of how much space is displayed on a mobile device and make your content friendlier to the device’s screen real estate. Short, drop-down menus may be more useful than long menus or other types of menu options.
  • Find out What Devices Your Visitors Use— There are a variety of mobile devices on the market today, and you may not be able to appeal to all of them. Some mobile devices are better than others at video, for instance, and some are better for displaying text. Survey your customers to determine what types of mobile devices are most often used by your target market, and build your Website to appeal to the majority.

By creating a mobile content friendly Website or blog, you will open up a totally new way to market products to your potential customers. For example, if you usually bookmark your new blog posts to Twitter, maybe your visitors would enjoy getting a text message alerting them to new content as well. However you do it, is now time to add mobile content marketing to your overall marketing strategy. By becoming mobile content friendly, you will expand your content marketing reach to the mobile content marketplace; keep your place in the Internet marketing world; and substantially increase your return on investment.

Source by N Scott Gorman