Advantages of Link Building

Link building is a very important aspect of website popularity. You need to get lots of valuable and potential links to your website for the popularity and also to reach the top pages of search engine result pages.

You need to spend lots of time to get potential links to your website. Even though it requires lot of dedication and time, its worth the work. You may have come across several websites which are content wise very poor still manage to reach the top pages of the result page. This could be accomplished by the support of the links that they have in their website.

There are few steps that has to be taken care of while building links to your website. First let us check on the list to follow for successful link building

  • Post messages including your website URL in forum of correlated sites.
  • Make links only to relevant topics based on your website.
  • Directories are very helpful in link building. Include your website in major Directories.
  • Check for your competitors. Try to get links to other related sites.
  • Check for related trade to your website and create link to them.
  • Create themes related to your website content for each domain.
  • Write testimonials to related website and tell them about this and encourage them to link build to your website.
  • Affiliate links can boost up the link popularity to your website.
  • Write articles about website products and services.

Once you are done with all these activities, you can get the analysis your website links using link analysis tool Opt link. This tool will give you a detailed report on your website links and compare it with the competitors and inform you on which area you can improve to get better links.

Beside you also need to avoid certain things while link building to your website.

  • Google and other popular search engines ban the websites that do link exchange. So its recommended not to take part in any link exchange forums.
  • For potential visitors you need to have great back links. Do not get the wrong idea on the power of back links in website popularity.
  • Have separate IP address for each domain of your website .

Source by Jitto Kallarackal Jose