A Few Important Things You Should Know Before Building Your Own Website

There are many different types of websites, for example there are:

  • Personal website (simple and small websites like your own website)
  • Membership websites (website were people register and login to view details)
  • Social network websites (like Facebook, or MySpace)
  • Forums (community websites like Guru.com or worrioforum.com)
  • Photo gallery websites (picasa, photobucket, istockphotos)
  • Shopping websites (eBay.com, Amazon.com)
  • Music websites (xsao.com, Yahoomusic)
  • Financial websites like (PayPal, graphcard, liberty reserve and yes you too can build your own website like these)
  • And lots more ……

This list is by no means all of it, there are other types like article directories and lots more. All these different types of websites have different functions and programs built into them. Chatting scrips, Picture display scrips, calculators, shopping carts, Poles, All these are different scripts that can be added to your own website to give it an additional function e, g Yahoo mail has scrips in it that enables you to send and receive messages in your own e-mail address.

Building a social networking website like Facebook can be very expansive because it involves lots of scripting and programming. Setting up a login script on your website is not as easy as you may think and it can increase the amount of money you will have to pay a web designer or the amount of money you will have to pay for a template that has that feature. Other things like news boards, feedback forms, comments, or a calendar on your website can increase the cost of building your own website quite a lot. Because all these things involve a lot of scripting work.

Basically there are three main options you can choose from when you want to build your own website:

1) You pay a web designer to help you design your website
2) You can use an already designed template (which is basically an already designed website)
3) You can choose to learn the basics and design your own website by your self

Which ever one you choose from the three choices above will cost you time, money or both, You can choose the one that best suits you.

By that i mean if you have the money to pay a web designer i think that is the safest way to go, but if you do not have that much money you can just buy an already designed template and customize it by inserting your own images and content (they are quite cheap these days) or the last but not the least way to go is for you to learn the basics of web design and design your own website (it's not that hard anybody can do it * ** i did !! ** *)

Source by Timi V Ambaye